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Our Name & History

Buscando CHELAS was a settlement of our people

that preceded in the country of Mexico. Its exact

location remains a reason for discussion, but what does

not admit doubt is that in somewhere very close to our

factory, under the hop fields are our origins, which

today give our name beer.  

Buscando CHELAS is an authentic and original beer, brewed

with patience and respect for the process. No artifice,

no additives. The passion for the product, care and

patience are responsible for the color, aroma, taste and

texture of a craft beer made to enjoy with the five



Buscando Chelas Quality

Buscando Chelas is made with care, passion and artisanal, high quality beer with its own personality, based on 100% natural raw materials, we pasteurized our beer for long lasting taste.


The Process

In Buscando CHELAS we are faithful and respectful

of the original brewing process inherited from our

ancestors. It is beer that dictates its times, not us. We

do not add accelerators in the macerate, we do not

perform physical-chemical processes to shorten

fermentation, we do not add brighteners to clarify the

beer, or dyes, or preservatives or foam stabilizers.That is why it is a living

product, organoleptically complex and rich in nuances

that evolve in the weather.

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Buscando Chelas / Brewskis Distrution

500 N. Estrella Pkwy B2407 Goodyear, AZ 85338 US

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